B2B Sales

E-Commerce market evolves along with the needs of its customers. One of the key changes is the transfer of B2B channel to the on-line sales. The increasing demand for such model of sales is only one of the reasons, why you should adapt yourself to the needs of your customers.

B2B Sales

B2B and e-Commerce

Until recently, the entrepreneurs operating in B2B area were interested only in IT solutions concerning the improvement and automation of processes. The main development was focused on:

  • applications for information exchange and circulation of documents,
  • analytical apparatus,
  • CRM, ERP, BI, etc.

Development of on-line sales and boom on the mobile market are the main reasons for e-trade development, also in the B2B channel. Your customers demand service at a level equal to B2C – that is, access to personalized offer anywhere and anytime.

By providing your trade partners with such access, you will particularly:

  • reduce the unit cost of customer service,
  • increase the loyalty and value of purchases,
  • better present your offer,
  • automate sales processes and sales related processes,
  • you will likely get ahead of your competition.

Cooperation with us

By deciding to engage in cooperation with X-Coding IT Studio you’ll primarily gain:

  • professional e-Commerce B2B software;
  • IT solutions designed in such manner that will meet your expectations and expectations of your customers;
  • consulting in the scope of generating sales leads using modern tools for acquiring customers,
  • full consulting in the scope of optimal solutions for your business,
  • integration with available e-services and internal systems of the company,
  • unlimited possibilities of development in regard to occurring needs, thanks to the application of open source type software.