e-Commerce audit

The main task of launching e-Commerce platform is effective sale of offered products and services. Problem arises when the actual results differ from the assumed ones. In such situation, do not hesitate to use conclusions deriving from e-commerce audit.

e-Commerce audit

What’s the purpose of conducting audit?

The main objective of e-Commerce audit is the determination of problems, removal of which will improve conversion and increase loyalty of your customers. The analysis is based on assessment of individual fragments of the store e.g. product card, from the user’s perspective. Its effect is the assessment of system usability prepared by our specialists.

In practice, the audit comes down to carrying out individual tasks performed by the client, while playing his role. It aims at detecting errors affecting or likely to affect the website usability. During performance of such tests, we verify the compliance of the system with assumed standards from the scope of user experience. We also examine image and marketing elements used on the website, in terms of your brand, as well as the offered products.

We have practical experience in the scope of creating effective sales in e-Commerce channel, as well as in the area of designing user experience, drawn from projects implemented for market leaders. What’s important, we consider the characteristics of your industry to be an important factor and therefore we adapt recommendation to the actual needs. All of this ensures that you can trust our conclusions.

What is covered by the audit?

Expert review covers the following aspects:

  • The first impression and identity of the website – we will answer the question, whether the user after entering the home page is able to clearly state that he found himself in the right place? What are the usability, reliability and attractiveness of the store for new users?
  • Hierarchy and organization of the website – we verify the effectiveness of hierarchy and division of the offer. We look for inconsistencies that may cause hindrance in navigation.
  • Convenience of navigation – it’s one of the most important elements of the website. Lack of intuitive navigation that allows the user to easily reach the product will cause the user to leave your website after about 50 seconds (according to research conducted for Ecommerce Polska, July 2014). Therefore, in this area we focus on the simplicity of store viewing and occurrence of blockages.
  • Product search – product search engine is one of the most important elements of the online store, because it often ultimately determines the success related to finding a product that user is interested in. We verify the quality of results, and also the efficiency of the tool itself.
  • Category page – we verify the amount of information, its availability, clarity and usefulness in the context of decision-making process.
  • Product pages – it’s the showcase of you store. Its appearance and usability are the key factors determining sales. We put great emphasis on appropriated distribution of information and its quality and quantity.
  • Shopping cart and ordering procedure – the number of discarded carts in Polish stores amounts to over 60%, according to research conducted by e-Commerce Polska. In this area, we focus on the usability of the shopping cart itself, but also on simplicity of registrations, trust in regard to your store, as well as mechanisms increasing the value of the cart.

Why us?

An independent audit conducted by specialists from X-Coding IT Studio is an entirely new look, from a wider perspective on possible problems that may occur in your store.

Thanks to us you will:

  • Find out whether your store is complaint with accepted UX principles;
  • Find weaknesses of your websites, along with recommendations in regard to improvement;
  • Get to know the preference of your customers better;
  • As a result – you will sell more!