e-Commerce Implementation

In 2003, the e-commerce market in Poland constituted less than 0,9% of the entire retail sale market. Today, one in five Poles shops online at least once a month. Given that this trend continues to grow, the conclusion suggests itself – by launching electronic channel of sales, you give yourself access to more and more growing number of potential buyers of your products. How big this share will be depends largely on you.

e-Commerce Implementation

Do you need an online store?

If you are seriously thinking about starting or developing company associated with sales, then entering the e-Commerce channel is one of the fastest methods for development and earning first serious money in sales. First of all, the costs of entering are much lower, than in the case of stores operating in the off-line channel. Very important is the fact that already more than 65% (according to PBI Gemius data 12.2014) of Poles have permanent access to the Internet, and this number is continuously growing.

In result, we can draw only one conclusion – thanks to the online store, you get the opportunity to reach to more than half of Poland’s residents, and such outcome is impossible to achieve by any locally operating stationary store.

However, that’s not all. It’s also worth mentioning that the e-Commerce platform, depending on the implementation and business you are running, is also providing completely new possibilities. We must mention here the multi-channel sales, building brand identity on the Internet, more models of collaboration with suppliers, etc.

Process of building e-Commerce solution

Investment in the launch of e-Commerce may turn out to be one of the most important in your company. Therefore, the key aspects include: choosing the right company and optimal planning of the project implementation.

We propose 5-stage process of online store implementation, each adapted to the specifics of the conducted business. Such division is primarily characterized by high efficiency, but also flexibility in adapting to the needs of your customers and the market. The benefits coming from such character of cooperation, include among others:

  • greater control over the results,
  • lower total cost,
  • possibility of making changes on a ongoing basis.
Process of building e-Commerce solution

STAGE I: Analysis

Analysis is the foundation for implementation of good e-Commerce platform. At this stage, we get to know your business needs, your customers, shape of the market, character of sales and also your competition. We also devote considerable attention to searching for opportunities to increase automation of sales and finding the optimum solution corresponding to your needs.

The information that we gain allows building clear visions of sales platform at an initial stage of cooperation.

STAGE II: Designing user experience

Data that we’re able to obtain from the market, compared with your experiences and strengths of your business, allow us to create effective strategy of introducing your sales into e-Commerce channel.

We focus here exceptionally on your experience, because you’re a specialist in your industry and you know what to sell. Our experience is then directed at maximizing your trading potential and understanding the principles of on-line platforms operation.

STAGE III: Graphic design

Reliable performance of the first two stages allow for preparation of graphic layout, which not only will be friendly to the customers, but which above all will stood out in the market environment, distinguishing your offer from the competition.

STAGE IV: Implementation

Implementation is usually the longest stage of the project. At this stage, we implement all assumed functionalities, perform necessary integrations and prepare the entire project for production launching.

Your participation is extremely important during implementation. By implementing agile approach to software development, we can jointly respond to changing market needs, and also provide, in the fastest manner, ready intermediate products and thanks to that, we can significantly accelerate the implementation of entire project.

STAGE V: Tests and launching

Although we put high emphasis on the quality of provided IT solutions, very important is the complete verification of software, before production launching. We perform stabilization on target environment, with participation of the greatest possible number of users, and also with the use of automatic tests.

Afterwards: Maintenance and development

Good business is the one that primarily develops and has good reasons to do so. We realize that you’re not looking only for the company that implements good solutions and we also focus on long-term cooperation concerning the maintenance and development of your e-business.

Cooperation with us

By deciding to engage in cooperation with X-Coding IT Studio you’ll primarily gain:

  • professional software comprising the basis for your business in the e-Commerce channel;
  • store designed in a manner meeting high user friendly and experience standards;
  • full consulting in the scope of optimal solutions for your business;
  • integration with available e-services, including advanced IT systems;
  • optimization of operational efficiency of your e-Commerce platform,
  • unlimited possibilities of development, remodelling, adapting to occurring needs, thanks to the application of open source type software.