Mobile sales channels

Development of mobile technologies has resulted in creation of a new branch of electronic trade – mobile commerce (m-Commerce). For one in two owners of smartphone or tablet, the mobile channel is the main source of information helping in making purchasing decisions. Does your platform, in such situation, is prepared for servicing the new type of customers? Do you still hesitate to make a final decision? If so, these are the last moments to make such an important decision concerning the development of your store.

Does your store need a mobile channel?

Do you know that:

  • According to the forecasts of PwC consulting company, at the end of 2014, the number of smartphones will exceed in Poland the threshold of 27 million;
  • 61% of customers consider an online store to be more credible, if it also offers a mobile version;
  • Over 60% of shopping carts are discarded, if the store is not adapted for viewing on mobile devices;
  • Global mobile traffic constitutes over 31% of all traffic on the Internet;
  • Value of purchases made online using smartphones and tablets reached one billion PLN in 2014, and in 2015 an increase by over 200% is projected;

This is a very good signal for the owners of online stores, because the users of mobile devices do not use them only for searching information about the products anymore, but they also start to leave more and more money in the mobile online stores.

Currently, there’s no sector in which purchases from mobile devices do not exist. If the value of turnover generated by the mobile market will be growing – and there’s no indication on the market that it won’t – then a huge number of potential customers will leave stores, which are not adapted to mobile purchases.

Mobile sales channels

We implement m-Commerce channel

We come across expectations of your customers by proposing you the transferring and adapting your e-Commerce platform to sales in the mobile channel, and at the same time opening up to new markets and new customers. We achieve this goal by:

Responsive Web Design

Thanks to the RWD technique, your online store will automatically adapt its appearance to devices on which it is displayed. This is an option, which has been already selected by over 25% e-businesses (according to mGenerator report from 2014) that have decided to start multi-channel sales. The advantages of selecting this technology primarily include:

  • Scalability – sales platform is created once and it works on thousand of devices with different screen parameters.
  • Faster introduction of modifications – once introduced modification is visible immediately everywhere and for everyone.
  • Lower maintenance costs – store runs based on one hosting and one URL address.
  • Optimization of costs – code, concept of interface, architecture of information and graphic design are all created just once.
  • SEO and SEM – stores built based on RWD technology are preferred by the Google search engine.

It must be noted that this technology has its limitations, but it is one of the least expensive methods for adapting your sales platform for mobile devices.

It does not matter whether you just starting your sales in online channel or whether you’ve been on the market for years. In any case we can redesign your e-Commerce platform from the beginning using responsive technique in order to successfully service customers of growing market of smartphones and tablets.

Dedicated applications

Currently, approximately 4% of retailers decide on dedicated application as a way of entry to sales in the mobile channel. Such small value results from, among others, the need to incur significant investment costs to implement often several separate applications for different operating systems.

By deciding on dedicated applications, you primarily gain:

  • Greater efficiency and functionality – native application are usually better in terms of efficiency and capabilities of using such functions as geolocation, camera, contacts or gyroscope.
  • Extensive graphic design – dedicated applications allow for creating extensive and interesting graphic design, which additionally encourages customers to make more use of it.
  • Quickness of operation – this application downloads only the most important information, photos and other graphic elements are already stored in internal memory of telephone or tablet.
  • Additional functionalities – mobile applications can be much more extensively developed than websites.

Our offer includes supporting the most popular mobile operating systems:

  • Android,
  • iOS,

and also cross-platform tools:

  • PhoneGap.

Regardless of your choice, we’re available to fully handle your project.

What will you gain by entering mobile sales channel?

Launching mobile sales channels gives you access to:

  • More than 15 million users of mobile devices, which also directly translates into increasing the number of potential customers;
  • Customers who have easier access to the store’s offer visit it more often and more identify with the store’s brand;
  • Customer gains the freedom of shopping at any moment and from any location;
  • Freedom of switching between the online store and its mobile version provides your customers with many possibilities e.g. to check the status of order implementation using mobile device, regardless of their location;
  • Permanent contact and interaction of the buyer with your store encourage brand loyalty;
  • Very effective word-of-mouth marketing – your customer has the possibility to show e.g. favourite products from your store to friends at parties or to family at Sunday dinner;
  • Professional and modern image – beautiful graphic design in the mobile version is a great gadget that accentuates your focus on the customer;
  • The number of customers returning to your store’s website will increase.