Optimization of sales

Sale is the main factor determining the profitability of your e-business. How in this situation build effective sales, which will translate into more money in your account, enable effective acquisition of new customers and maintaining the current customers?

Optimization of sales by nature is a continuous process, consisting of several basic tasks carried out at the same time, focused on two main trends – providing solid foundations for your e-business and the ability to quickly exploit opportunities, which result from current growing market of e-Commerce, m-Commerce and Internet.

Optimization of sales

We build solid foundations

In terms of e-business solid foundations of sales increase occur when:

  • Each mobile or online store is built based on the needs of its customers (here essential is the point of view of the user – customer – and not yours, ours;
  • We actively acquire leads (e.g. through newsletter base), we have solid data for analysis and contact with customers;
  • We use tools that increase the real value of the shopping cart, cross-selling, up-selling, promotions, we monitor discarded shopping carts and sales trends;
  • We provide generating traffic in the store coming from:
    • price comparison sites;
    • SEM,
    • Content marketing,
    • remarketing,
    • social media,
    developing each of those individually.

First of all – we help to plan

Your plan has to contain precisely defined actions and tools, which will be used during its implementation. The determination of actions and tools is in turn the effect of adopting certain assumptions and realistic expectations that you expect from your work.

In practice, this means that in order to run effective sales, already in the first month after launching e-store activity, you need to start actions aiming at launching processes leading to acquiring potential customers. In other case, you will only have a nice, functional store that won’t be earning.

We increase conversion

The conversion factor is the first factor that allows for a quick comparison of traffic generating sources on the website, as well as its general efficiency and usability. Low conversion factor is an alarm signal informing about problems in your online store. Value of the conversion factor relates directly to the large part of turnover generated by your store. In order to make sure that you don’t lose customers in the purchasing process, you need to monitor their activity, check in what place they end sale, as well as the path they passed until that moment.

Efficient analysis of the conversion and its improvement require the right tools. We will not only prepare everything for you, but we will also help to develop data and draw conclusions for the future.

We increase value of the shopping cart

It’s the second, after conversion, parameter that determines the development of your e-business and the established campaigns are successful.

You can much more easily influence the average value of the order, than conversion factor. You can do that by:

  • Promotional activities that support obtaining greater value of products in the cart e.g. offering customers additional benefits while placing larger orders (loyalty program, discount policy, free shipping). Of course, you need to be aware at all times that all such benefits contribute to decreasing the real value of the average order.
  • Actions based on cross-selling and up-selling. Optimization in this scope can be implemented through deeper analysis of statistics compiled e.g. in Google Analytics or through the use of recommendation systems, which are based on Big Data and will perform this work for you – by adapting, on ongoing basis, parameters to current sales trends, and even the profile of a single user (by behavioural modules).

We will prepare for you appropriate summaries, while monitoring behaviours in the store. This will help you to raise the average value of the shopping cart, with a minimum of lost opportunities. Thanks to that, you will not only get knowledge “what” to do, but we will also tell you “how” to do it right in your store.