UX design

Designing of user experience is one of the most important construction elements of each B2B system, online store or mobile application. It is, among others, thanks to well designed interactions with users that the use of e-commerce becomes easy and intuitive, and the handling of expanded ERP system in the company becomes very simple and clear

What is Usability?

Usability in the era of Internet development, and along with it development of e- and m-commerce channels, has gained the status of one of the most important concepts associated with designing of web solutions. If you are wondering, what to do to make users more willingly use your website and frequently return to shopping in your store, one of the answers hides under the concept of usability of your website.

How to design Usability?

Quoting the words of a man who is the most distinguished in development of usability – Jakob Nielson, to ensure the optimum usability of given solution, the occurrence of five necessary conditions is required:

  • Learnability defined as the ease of performance of a simple task during first contact with the product;
  • Efficiency i.e. quickness with which the users are using the product that they already know;
  • Memorability – ease of remembering how to use the product after longer period of not using it;
  • Errors – how often errors are made and how easily the users may solve them;
  • Satisfaction – measure of pleasure resulting from using the product.

To sum up, usability is a set of all elements of the website, online store, application or system, which are supposed to ensure the achievement of predicted business objectives with the best possible pleasure and ease of use in regard to users.

Benefits of designing usability

Designing usability results in many positive consequences. This is especially visible in the case of online stores. As shown by Nelsen Norman Group research concerning the behaviour of consumers during shopping at online stores:

  • Average time consumers spend at an online store in order to find specific product is max. 25 seconds (while taking into account the path of going from category group to the product, without the use of search engines). If within this time, the customer won’t find interesting product, then he leaves and probably will not be coming back.
  • Examination of shopping path has shown that on average, one in three of the examined customers do not finalize the purchase after adding it to the cart.

The main reason for this, as indicated by analysts of Nielsen Norman consulting company, is poorly designed shopping path and entire process of customer interaction at the store.

Websites, online stores and mobile applications thanks to good usability are gaining greater engagement of the users and increased rate of comebacks, which translates into achieving marketing advantage over the competition and even better promotion of your business.

Benefits of designing usability

How do we design?

We put a lot of effort to design user experience in projects. In most cases, the prototypes (interactive) are better than user scenario based documentations. It is especially important in web projects, where meeting the business needs is crucial

In order to effectively design usability, we use the following techniques:

  • expert analyses, including heuristic analyses and cognitive journeys,
  • user tests,
  • analysis of the cognitive walkthrough,
  • click tracking,
  • A/B tests.

Results of these tests comprise the basis for preparation of:

  • system behaviours, during which the interactions are designed, task flow, system states,
  • website structures – information architecture, sitemaps, names of functions and options, distribution of content,
  • arrangement and layout – interactive prototypes.

We work based on user-centered design, which means that we focus on the needs of target users of the product in order to best adapt the project to their preferences and requirements. We believe that in order to increase the comfort of using of the given solution and its persuasiveness, a special emphasis should be put on positive experiences of its users.