How much does the store on Magento cost?

9.09.2019 / / E-Commerce

If not specified, this question will remain without a clear answer. With the cost of the store based on Magento platform is like with the price of a car. A used Fiat will cost much less than a shiny Audi right out of the car showroom. E-Commerce in the basic version is less expensive than […]


MVP in e-Commerce – what is it and how to implement it?

26.08.2019 / / E-Commerce

More and more entrepreneurs decide to divide the implementation of the online store into several stages, starting with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version. It saves time and money, shortens Time To Market and collects end-user feedback about the store. From the article you’ll find out: What is MVP; What are the advantages of MVP; […]


When to change the e-Commerce platform?

26.08.2019 / / E-Commerce

In the world of e-Commerce the only constant thing is a change. Owners of e-businesses who want to be on time, do not have an easy life. New payment method, which needs to be integrated, changes in the law, growing competition, changing user habits, technical innovations, new stylistic trends, development of tools… I could list […]


Brand communication strategy in e-Commerce

6.08.2019 / / Marketing

As the economy grows, factors based on which customers make purchasing choices are also changing. More and more often, clients aren’t any longer driven only by price or its relation to quality. Of course, they still have demands on this, but they want something more – to buy products from brands whose philosophy and image […]


Growth marketing in e-Commerce

2.08.2019 / / E-Commerce

Nowadays, innovations are appearing so quickly in almost every professional field that it is very easy to fall behind. In the past, phrases like omnichannel and Agile sounded like the name of infectious disease, and today we integrate them into everyday language (not only at work) without any problems and misunderstandings. However, in the name […]


How to choose an e-commerce agency?

29.07.2019 / / E-Commerce

Most companies selling on the Internet at some stage will have to choose an e-Commerce agency. Implementation of a new online store, support in sales-related activities, change of one company to another – it is a natural turn of the fate of e-sales. How not to make a mistake and what criteria should you be […]


Always Up-To-Date Guide of Facebook Image Sizes [last update: July 2019]

24.07.2019 / / Marketing

With the growing popularity of social media, more and more companies start to use them. Nowadays millions of brands compete with each other for the attention of members of social platforms. How to win this battle? It will certainly be helpful to know current dimensions of graphics on Facebook and other portals. After all, there […]


Always Up-To-Date Guide of Twitter Image Sizes [last update: July 2019]

24.07.2019 / / Marketing

I received a lot of positive comments and private messages about previous articles from this series – that’s great! Today I will talk about Twitter, which is popular especially in politicians and celebrities. This article is updated regularly. Last update – July 2019 The history of Twitter I will not give you much information about […]


Always Up-To-Date Guide of Instagram Image Sizes [last update: July 2019]

24.07.2019 / / Marketing

The growing popularity of Instagram has resulted in the fact that almost every company now has an account on this portal. Although Instagram gives you the ability to crop photos directly in the application, you will achieve much better results by publishing graphics that are already adapted to current requirements. Last update: July 2019 Photo […]


Always Up-To-Date Guide of LinkedIn Image Sizes [last update: July 2019]

24.07.2019 / / Marketing

If you’re in the B2B industry, LinkedIn probably is the real king of social networking for you. This social platform allows you to reach millions of professionals from different areas and make them interested in your offer. LinkedIn is also useful for freelancers and those who want to find a new job. From the article […]


Product description that sells — how to write it?

11.03.2019 / / E-Commerce

Professional, competent staff is a real treasure in a stationery shop. A great salesman presents the entire assortment to a potential customer without any problem, talks about individual products and helps to make the best choice. All in order to make a customer leave the shop satisfied, willing to visit it again and maybe even […]


UX for a better m-Commerce experience

22.02.2019 / / E-Commerce

The owners of online stores, who observe the statistics, already know. Those who don’t do this will find out from this article. More and more often, most of the traffic you notice on the store will come from mobile devices. In other words, we have been in the mobile business era for some time and […]