Articles written by: Agnieszka Polak


Black Friday in e-Commerce. How to prepare for it?

5.11.2019 / / E-Commerce

Less than a month left for Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday — days of big sales. Besides the lack of time, it’s still worth taking care of proper marketing on those days. What means proper in this context? How to prepare for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday? About this in the […]


Report from the 17th e-Commerce Poland Expo by X-Coding

4.11.2019 / / News

140 exhibitors, 34 speakers and a record number of over 5,000 registered participants — this is how the 17th e-Commerce Poland Expo can be summed up in numbers. Of course, we couldn’t miss it. In today’s post, we’ll share our impressions from one of the biggest Polish events for the e-Commerce industry. X-Coding IT Studio […]


Cross-selling and up-selling – what is the difference and how to put these strategies into practice

2.10.2019 / / E-Commerce

Today we will start with a riddle – which one short question have brought McDonald’s $200 million a year? Maybe it was a question about sales optimization asked by the growth hacking genius during a management meeting? Or maybe an exceptionally brilliant accountant found a fantastic way to reduce costs? What is the question worth […]


How much does the store on Magento cost?

9.09.2019 / / E-Commerce

If not specified, this question will remain without a clear answer. With the cost of the store based on Magento platform is like with the price of a car. A used Fiat will cost much less than a shiny Audi right out of the car showroom. E-Commerce in the basic version is less expensive than […]


MVP in e-Commerce – what is it and how to implement it?

26.08.2019 / / E-Commerce

More and more entrepreneurs decide to divide the implementation of the online store into several stages, starting with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version. It saves time and money, shortens Time To Market and collects end-user feedback about the store. From the article you’ll find out: What is MVP; What are the advantages of MVP; […]


Brand communication strategy in e-Commerce

6.08.2019 / / Marketing

As the economy grows, factors based on which customers make purchasing choices are also changing. More and more often, clients aren’t any longer driven only by price or its relation to quality. Of course, they still have demands on this, but they want something more – to buy products from brands whose philosophy and image […]


Product description that sells — how to write it?

11.03.2019 / / E-Commerce

Professional, competent staff is a real treasure in a stationery shop. A great salesman presents the entire assortment to a potential customer without any problem, talks about individual products and helps to make the best choice. All in order to make a customer leave the shop satisfied, willing to visit it again and maybe even […]


Omnichannel, a customer in the centre

7.01.2019 / / E-Commerce

In times of expansion of new sales channels and growing ROPO effect (but also reversed ROPO), omnichannel is the key to the good customer experience. What is omnichannel (and above all – what is not) and how to implement this idea in a company? Omnichannel versus multichannel In order to answer the question of what […]


What’s new in Magento 2.3? What changes can you expect?

23.11.2018 / / News

In April 2018 Magento announced the release of a new version of the platform — Magento 2.3. More than half a year later we still don’t know the release date, but we already know that Magento is preparing many surprises for us. What’s new in Magento 2.3? What will the new version surprise us with, […]


7 differences between B2C and B2B e-Commerce

25.09.2018 / / E-Commerce

B2B and B2C differ radically from each other – everyone who has had the opportunity to sell on both of these markets knows about it. The situation looks the same when it comes to eCommerce. What are the differences between online sales for the B2B and B2C segments? About this in the article below. 1. […]