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Always Up-To-Date Guide of Facebook Image Sizes [last update: May 2019]

15.05.2019 / / Marketing

With the growing popularity of social media, more and more companies start to use them. Nowadays millions of brands compete with each other for the attention of members of social platforms. How to win this battle? It will certainly be helpful to know current dimensions of graphics on Facebook and other portals. After all, there […]


Always Up-To-Date Guide of Twitter Image Sizes [last update: May 2019]

15.05.2019 / / Marketing

I received a lot of positive comments and private messages about previous articles from this series – that’s great! Today I will talk about Twitter, which is popular especially in politicians and celebrities. This article is updated regularly. Last update – May 2019 The history of Twitter I will not give you much information about […]


Always Up-To-Date Guide of Instagram Image Sizes [last update: May 2019]

15.05.2019 / / Marketing

Social media portals compete with each other in popularity, number of users and functionalities. The days of Facebook’s glory are slowly passing by, in the USA users cannot live without Twitter, and Instagram is slowly becoming a leading player in the market we know well. Today I will focus my attention on Instagram photo sizes. […]


Always Up-To-Date Guide of LinkedIn Image Sizes [last update: May 2019]

15.05.2019 / / Marketing

If you’re in the B2B industry, LinkedIn probably is the real king of social networking for you. This social platform allows you to reach millions of professionals from different areas and make them interested in your offer. LinkedIn is also useful for freelancers and those who want to find a new job. From the article […]


The ROPO effect – opportunity or threat for e-Commerce?

21.04.2017 / / E-Commerce

Sales is a business in which the most important issue is the purchase itself and a satisfied customer. New technologies have penetrated the shopping reality for good and most of us can not imagine a different way to make a purchase than online. Such a tendency began a few years ago, and as everyone knows, […]


Does your e-store inspire trust?

25.02.2016 / / E-Commerce

“Can you inspire customers’ trust?” In my opinion, this is one of the most important questions an owner of any business should ask. Why? Because the success of many undertakings depends on it. People make many decisions based on trust – they spend time with people they trust, buy petrol at stations they trust, go […]