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How to increase the visibility of an online store by yourself?

What can I do to optimize my online store on my own? Where to start? What to focus on? — These questions are asked by many online store owners. Most often they are people who start their adventure with e-Commerce, launch a new store or small business owners whose budget does not allow them to […]


Automation of product translation with Akeneo PIM

At some stage of sales development, expansion abroad seems to be necessary. By deciding on this step, in addition to a whole range of potential new customers, you also gain many responsibilities. One of them is the need to make translations for current products, and also, in the future, for the next ones. If you […]


Black Friday in e-Commerce. How to prepare for it?

Less than a month left for Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday — days of big sales. Besides the lack of time, it’s still worth taking care of proper marketing on those days. What means proper in this context? How to prepare for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday? About this in the […]


Magento history

Recent years have been the true culmination of Magento’s long-standing journey to becoming a world-famous e-Commerce platform. This year, for the third time in a row, the platform won the title of the best in the Leaders category according to the “Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce Platforms” research from Gartner Inc. However, before Magento conquered […]


Cross-selling and up-selling – what is the difference and how to put these strategies into practice

Today we will start with a riddle – which one short question have brought McDonald’s $200 million a year? Maybe it was a question about sales optimization asked by the growth hacking genius during a management meeting? Or maybe an exceptionally brilliant accountant found a fantastic way to reduce costs? What is the question worth […]


How much does the store on Magento cost?

If not specified, this question will remain without a clear answer. With the cost of the store based on Magento platform is like with the price of a car. A used Fiat will cost much less than a shiny Audi right out of the car showroom. E-Commerce in the basic version is less expensive than […]


MVP in e-Commerce – what is it and how to implement it?

More and more entrepreneurs decide to divide the implementation of the online store into several stages, starting with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version. It saves time and money, shortens Time To Market and collects end-user feedback about the store. From the article you’ll find out: What is MVP; What are the advantages of MVP; […]


When to change the e-Commerce platform?

In the world of e-Commerce the only constant thing is a change. Owners of e-businesses who want to be on time, do not have an easy life. New payment method, which needs to be integrated, changes in the law, growing competition, changing user habits, technical innovations, new stylistic trends, development of tools… I could list […]


Growth marketing in e-Commerce

Nowadays, innovations are appearing so quickly in almost every professional field that it is very easy to fall behind. In the past, phrases like omnichannel and Agile sounded like the name of infectious disease, and today we integrate them into everyday language (not only at work) without any problems and misunderstandings. However, in the name […]


How to choose an e-commerce agency?

Most companies selling on the Internet at some stage will have to choose an e-Commerce agency. Implementation of a new online store, support in sales-related activities, change of one company to another – it is a natural turn of the fate of e-sales. How not to make a mistake and what criteria should you be […]


Product description that sells — how to write it?

Professional, competent staff is a real treasure in a stationery shop. A great salesman presents the entire assortment to a potential customer without any problem, talks about individual products and helps to make the best choice. All in order to make a customer leave the shop satisfied, willing to visit it again and maybe even […]


UX for a better m-Commerce experience

The owners of online stores, who observe the statistics, already know. Those who don’t do this will find out from this article. More and more often, most of the traffic you notice on the store will come from mobile devices. In other words, we have been in the mobile business era for some time and […]