Akeneo Onboarder — 5-star optimization

Those who are already experienced with PIM — and especially with its implementation — know that the most time-consuming and complicated process in the standard implementation is to adapt PIM for easy downloading product data from various sources. This often requires custom corrections, analysis of different data structures and accommodate to them. Akeneo tries to meet this problem and offers its users a solution in the form of Akeneo Onboarder.

What is the Akeneo Onboarder

Akeneo Onboarder is a template-based environment that allows you to collect product information from suppliers and add them to the Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition instance. It is worth to highlight that this tool is addressed to the owners of the extended license.

The system is addressed for retailers and distributors. Onboarder offers providers cloud-based environment, which allows to easily and quickly provide product information directly to you without having to access your PIM.

An additional advantage is the ability to suggest products by suppliers. After accepting, the products will go to your PIM system.

How does Akeneo Onboarder optimize the process?

Onboarder makes the process of collecting product information easier and quicker. It boils down to transferring some of the processes to information providers who, by inputting them into Onboarder, convert data into the form acceptable to PIM. The Onboarder gets information about the product and places it in the PIM catalogs structure.

Akeneo team as the advantages of implementing Onboarder lists:

  • faster TTM (Time to market),

  • increasing the quality of data in PIM,

  • reduction of errors related to data from suppliers,

  • the faster process of acquiring new suppliers,

  • shorten the time to view information about products from suppliers.

Final comment

Personally, I am wondering if such a solution will be accepted. In fact, usually companies using PIM are the distributor of larger manufacturing companies, and as in business, the smaller company must give up to the larger one: “If the supplier wants to sell products, he should input them by himself!”.

Of course, we don’t always deal with this attitude. Wherever the distributor is “more in the center” or at least equally, or the supplier has an interest in selling products at this distributor, Onboarder should easy adopt and optimize the process of collecting data about products, which – so far known realities – was time-consuming, uncomfortable and with a great chance of making a mistake.