Magento Fashion – What Magento can offer the clothing industry?

In X-Coding we believe that there is no universal e-Commerce solution for every industry. Individual companies differ not only at the level of the assortment but also when it comes to targeting an audience and managing sales. What characterizes the fashion industry and how can Magento help its representatives achieve their business goals? About this in the article below.

The e-Commerce customer doesn’t forgive. A poor look of the page,long loading times, complicated shopping path – errors that can bury your business, especially if you address your products to the demanding fashion sector. But don’t worry, we also have positive news – Internet users usually buy clothing. This means that, after eliminating the above-mentioned errors, you are ready to conquer in a large e-Commerce segment. How can Magento help you with this?

Attractive visuals

Magento offers a huge number of ready-made templates dedicated to the fashion industry, which will allow you to present your range in a very attractive way. Do you prefer tailor-made solutions? In this case, Magento also comes to meet your needs. Its software works on an open-source basis, which means that you can freely modify the code,page appearance and functionality included. Sounds good, right?


In 2018, more and more customers declare shopping by smartphones. What’s else, Google has been supporting responsive websites for a long time. In practice, this means that by opting for a mobile-friendly solution, you increase your store’s chances of leading positions in the search results. This is another argument for betting on Magento. Even its base version allows you to use all functionalities on mobile devices.


Omnichannel is a customer-centric approach to sales. Its aim is to provide a recipient with consistent impressions in all online and offline channels. Deciding to pursue this tactic – to which we strongly encourage you! – you will receive from Magento some useful tools that allow you to:

  • integrate with systems for handling inventory,
  • automate contact with a customer regarding the implementation of the order,
  • manage mailing that informing about new promotions,
  • use various ordering options, including the ability to place an online order and pick up at a stationary store.

Unlimited forms of promotion

In the fashion industry, promotions are almost always underway. Seasonal discounts, Christmas sales, discounts at the end of the collection – all of this is waiting for customers in brick and mortar stores. And what is the situation in e-Commerce? In the case of Magento, the forms of promotion are almost unlimited. The platform allows you to offer discount coupons to regular customers, free shipping above a certain amount, percentage reductions, promotions taking place at specific times or based on the order amount and much, much more.


Customers buying clothes through online stores are certainly a demanding target group. They expect from the e-stores a maximum functional website, which makes shopping easier for them. Good news? Magento will help you meet their expectations.