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What KPIs to measure in e-Commerce?

One of the most popular sayings in business is “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. To tell the truth, I can’t fully agree with it – there are a lot of things that you manage in your company every day, without any specific indicators. However, it is much easier to manage something […]


Product configurator – does your company need it?

An ever-increasing standard of living means that more customers are looking for products and services that are fully tailored to their expectations and needs. The situation on the e-Commerce market is no different. Consumers using online platforms want to have as much impact as possible on an appearance, dimensions, and add-ons of a product, especially […]


Omnichannel, a customer in the centre

In times of expansion of new sales channels and growing ROPO effect (but also reversed ROPO), omnichannel is the key to the good customer experience. What is omnichannel (and above all – what is not) and how to implement this idea in a company? Omnichannel versus multichannel In order to answer the question of what […]


7 differences between B2C and B2B e-Commerce

B2B and B2C differ radically from each other – everyone who has had the opportunity to sell on both of these markets knows about it. The situation looks the same when it comes to eCommerce. What are the differences between online sales for the B2B and B2C segments? About this in the article below. 1. […]


Magento Fashion – What Magento can offer the clothing industry?

In X-Coding we believe that there is no universal e-Commerce solution for every industry. Individual companies differ not only at the level of the assortment but also when it comes to targeting an audience and managing sales. What characterizes the fashion industry and how can Magento help its representatives achieve their business goals? About this […]


Akeneo Onboarder — 5-star optimization

Those who are already experienced with PIM — and especially with its implementation — know that the most time-consuming and complicated process in the standard implementation is to adapt PIM for easy downloading product data from various sources. This often requires custom corrections, analysis of different data structures and accommodate to them. Akeneo tries to […]


Is your e-store an obstacle course?

Admission of problems is the first step to solving them. What happens when you are not aware of the problems in question or even worse, dismiss them as negligible when in fact they are not? Over the last couple of years X-Coding IT Studio deployed over 60 advanced IT solutions for the leaders of the […]


The most important B2B features in e-Commerce

B2B selling migrates to the Internet faster and faster. Although the trend has been present on the market for several last years, the methods have significantly changed lately. Putting it in simple words, on-line B2B sales have already matured. All suppliers try to make their customers’ lives easier, build better trust and eventually win the […]


Magento 1.x – Community or Enterprise?

Magento is my number one, when it comes to recommending an e-Commerce solution. From among a whole range of out-of-the-box (more or less sophisticated) e-Commerce engines, Magento comes with the greatest room for development. Needless to say, in a competitive market it’s the key aspect of every on-line sales strategy. Sooner or later, if only […]


The ROPO effect – opportunity or threat for e-Commerce?

Sales is a business in which the most important issue is the purchase itself and a satisfied customer. New technologies have penetrated the shopping reality for good and most of us can not imagine a different way to make a purchase than online. Such a tendency began a few years ago, and as everyone knows, […]


Share your know-how!

Some time ago I was buying home music equipment. Since I’m not a specialist, I had to rely on product reviews posted on the Internet. As soon as I got ready to buy, I made an inquiry in one of the on-line stores. And as it turned out that in the meantime a new version […]


What is the optimum e-Commerce project team

The market is convinced that entering on-line sales requires a combination of a graphic and a developer (or few developers). It’s strictly related to belief that “the store has to look and work nicely“. In fact, only those small projects can work efficiently this way. When it comes to bigger investments, in the long run […]