Report from the 17th e-Commerce Poland Expo by X-Coding

140 exhibitors, 34 speakers and a record number of over 5,000 registered participants — this is how the 17th e-Commerce Poland Expo can be summed up in numbers. Of course, we couldn’t miss it. In today’s post, we’ll share our impressions from one of the biggest Polish events for the e-Commerce industry.

X-Coding IT Studio at the Targi Ehandlu / e-Commerce Poland Expo

x-coding on e-Commerce Poland Expo

You can say a lot about the e-Commerce Poland Expo, but definitely not that it was a small event. The organizers did their best and provided over a hundred places for exhibitors. The event took place in the Warsaw Expo XXI.

Which place did we take? Well, in X-Coding we like to eat well — so we located ourselves right next to the catering ?

x-coding on e-Commerce Poland Expo 2Two must-see points to visit during the Expo — catering and our stand ?

We share our knowledge

Webinars, infographics, conferences, content marketing and more… For sure, you have noticed that we like to share our knowledge. Expo wasn’t an exception. We took our Knowledge Base (in the form of e-books) with us to Warsaw. Those who haven’t had a chance to read them yet could easily download them using QR codes.

From the implementation of Magento, through PIM and ERP systems, to marketing for e-Commerce – everyone found something for themselves:

x-coding ebooks

x-coding ebooks 2

We also did not forget about small gifts for visitors. Those who, just like us, are addicted to books and magazines about e-Commerce would definitely appreciated the personalized bookmarks from X-Coding:

x coding gadgets

It’s all about the right people

Ok, enough about the objects, let’s talk about people! At the e-Commerce Poland Expo, we went as a five-person team.

xcoding it studio team

From the left:

  • Marek Kich, CEO
  • Magdalena Kulpa, Marketing Leader,
  • Aleksandra Ciemoszewska, B2B Marketing Specialist
  • Agnieszka Polak, PR&Content Marketing Manager,
  • Andrzej Daleszczyk, Sales Manager.

If you participate in our webinars, the face (and the voice!) of Marek are certainly well known to you. Perhaps you also had the opportunity to talk with us on the phone — the girls who answered all your questions before you even managed to ask them, was Ola and Magda. Agnieszka makes sure that the content published on the blog and on social media is pleasant to read and useful. Andrzej is a true master of providing X-Coding business partners with long-term and satisfying relationships.

What do we remember best about the e-Commerce Poland Expo? Of course, the opportunity to get to know our audience better! Shaking hands and chatting with those for who, we were previously known only as email footer or avatars in social media, was a fantastic experience. We got to know your preferences better, which materials you think are really useful and which in your opinions we should just create. We received a really solid feedback about the current activities and a great motivation for the future one.

Big thanks to everyone who visited the X-Coding stand — you are great!

The most interesting stands

Of course, we didn’t just limit ourselves to our space, but also visit other stands. In short, there was plenty to see!

We were very impressed by the DPD zone. And not only we! The company’s deckchairs, delivery van and photo booth caught the eye of everyone present at the Expo:

dpd on ecommerce poland expo

dpd on ecommerce poland expo 2

dpd on ecommerce poland expo 3

The thai ice cream, served by Przelewy24, was also very popular. The queue to the stand had no end:

przelewy24 on ecommerce poland expo

przelewy24 on ecommerce poland expo

InPost, on the other hand, focused on healthy snacks — visitors could not only check companys offer, but also try juicy apples with embossed logo of InPost:

inpost on ecommerce poland expo

Freshmail in turn gave to visitors funny stickers. The stand from a distance attracted eyes with intense colours:

freshmail on ecommerce poland expo

The Expo was also full of good ambient…

ecommerce poland expo

…and revolutionary technologies. We are talking about e.g. ORBITVU – a producer of solutions for automated product photography in 2D, 3D and 360°. In the stand visitors could test the products offered by the company on their own:

ecommerce poland expo

Of course, these are just a few of the 140 stands that could be visited during the e-Commerce Poland Expo. Packaging manufacturers, courier companies, software houses, marketing specialists, SEO and many, many more – there was plenty to choose from.


The e-Commerce Poland Expo is not only an opportunity to see (professional stands and solutions presented at them) and talk (to many experts in the industry) but also to listen to the substantive presentations. 34th speakers took part during the 17th e-Commerce Poland Expo.

ecommerce poland expo lectures

The topics discussed included:

  • Augmented Reality in e-Commerce,
  • omnichannel,
  • marketing for online sales,
  • changing expectations of mobile customers,
  • product photography,
  • effective copywriting for e-Commerce.

crowd on the ecommerce poland expo lectures

As you can see, the presentations attracted crowds.

Of course, the real cherry on the cake was left for the very end. It was a lecture by Artur Jabłoński about the budget optimization of advertising on Facebook at the campaign level. Despite the fact that the lecture started less than an hour before the end of the Expo, the attendance was impressive.

artur jabłoński on the ecommerce poland expo lectures

artur jabłoński on the ecommerce poland expo lectures 2

e-Commerce Poland Expo – opinions

While talking to the guests and other exhibitors, we noticed that some of the opinions were often repeated. Most of those asked appreciated a large number of participants:

It’s very nice that there are a lot of people – that’s most of all. This allows us to reach a large number of potential clients.

— Dawid Nawrocki, AMSO

There were also opinions appreciating the organizers of the Expo:

I must admit that the e-Commerce Poland Expo has exceeded my expectations: excellent organization, a multitude of exhibitors connected with e-Commerce and high attendance of visitors, including those visiting the stand of the Poczta Polska. Great interest in our offer, especially in the context of the Pick-up Point network, the possibility of contact with existing customers and the opportunity to acquire new customers. The chance to meet other exhibitors operating in e-Commerce and share information between us. The e-Commerce Poland Expo is a powerful injection of inspiration and I can confidently say that I am looking forward to the next edition.

— Sylwia Olszewska, Poczta Polska

It was also appreciated that the Expo has its main theme. No wonder: bringing together so many specialists from the same industry in one place simply had to satisfy all the interested participants and visitors:

I have been at the e-Commerce Polish Expo for the 4th time now, so I am looking for new features that distinguish them from the previous ones. The good news is that all the companies present here have one thing in common – e-Commerce. This is a big advantage of this Expo.

— Mateusz Kwiecień, AMSO


It’s been almost a week since the e-Commerce Polish Expo took place. We have already managed to download photos from the camera and exchange the first news with potential business partners. This is a good time to express cool thoughts about the event. And the main one is….

It was worth it!

Industry events are a great opportunity not only for business talks but also to exchange experiences with other exhibitors, listen to interesting lectures and offer cooperation to companies with a complementary offer.

In X-Coding we care most about people. No one will be surprised that when asked about what we liked the most about the e-Commerce Polish Expo, we will unanimously answer: a multitude of participants – there were many people to talk to! – and the fact that the organizers easily managed to meet the challenge of meeting the expectations of so many people.

The whole event is rated as a strong five, and we are looking forward to next year’s edition.