Code optimization

Currently, the requirements concerning the applications (and also internet platforms) are growing not only in the scope of functionality, because customers also frequently expect quickness of operation and this aspect decides about the further use. For you, it’s a direct threat of losing the customers.

One of the main reasons for badly operating application is non-optimal code. It’s the best place to look for reasons that make your application operate slower.

Code optimization

How much is actually “slowly”?

Amazon has noticed many years ago that every 100 ms extension in website loading time results in 1% decrease in sales. According to Google the increase in results loading time of the search by 400 ms gives a reduction in the amount of searches by 0,44%. In the second case, the quickness of loading also affects the positioning of the website.

Currently, quickly means the average speed of website loading at the level of 3-4 seconds. This means one thing – you have to be really quick for your website to be attractive to the customers. Getting behind your competition is a loss that you can’t afford.

What’s worth improving?

Above all, the need for code optimization should result from the business need and should be supported by arguments. Otherwise, you can spend money on actions, which won’t necessarily bring you the expected improvement. It’s worth to focus solely on the part of software, which causes significant performance problem.

The most common elements that lower average rate of applications include:

  • the most visited views (effect of scale),
  • the most computationally advanced actions,
  • points of contact with external systems (waiting for connection).

Each of these three cases requires a different approach and methodology of work.

We’ll do this right

From the beginning of operation, the key aspect of systems that we implement is the rate of operation. We perfectly understand the demand of your customers in this context. Our technological experience (both web and enterprise) allows us to:

  • effectively conduct audits,
  • draw correct conclusions and assess the impact on the increase in quickness of application operation,
  • carry out necessary changes,
  • monitor effects on ongoing basis,

thanks to that you will get the highest quality of the product, which will significantly affect the user experience of your customers.