Enterprise content management

One of the key aspects of the smooth functioning of the organization is an effective management of documents. Procedures associated with handling matters, particularly with management and collection (including long-term), apply to every company and are permanently inscribed in its daily operation. ECM class systems, by supporting and improving this process, will provide completely new possibilities to your company. Modern and mature organizations use electronic flow of documents.

Comprehensive approach to management of information

The degree of development of an organization is defined by both quantity and diversity of information, those produced within organization, as well as those flowing to it from the outside. This phenomenon is most often accompanied by growing problems in efficiency of communication and document handling, and due to that fact the work becomes ineffective.

If you notice that the above situation applies to your company, then this means that you need better strategy for information management. Systems that enable the electronic flow of documents facilitate the efficient functioning of the company in the scope of collection, processing and management of information in electronic form.

Properly implemented system of electronic circulation of documents enables:

  • replacement (to a large extend) of paper documents with electronic documents,
  • control of access to specific materials,
  • simultaneous work on documents,
  • versioning of data,
  • automation and organizing the flow of information in the company,
  • standardization of documentation within the company.

Positive effects of implementation are especially visible in distributed organizations, where due to separating distance, the effective cooperation in the scope of information handling and management becomes impossible.

Profit from the ECM implementation

Organizations that decide on electronic circulation of documents invest in long-term profits coming from unified approach to information flow.

Main advantages for your company will include:

  • increase in efficiency of information handling and reduction in costs,
  • better availability of information and increased control,
  • possibility to monitor the handling of matters,
  • simultaneous work on individual documents,
  • digitalization of company‚Äôs documentation.
Enterprise content management

Bet on specialists

We have extensive experience in improving the work of enterprises. Thanks to knowledge, as well as modern and proven by the market technologies, we provide tools that are effective in operation. We know value of information, so we put great emphasis on the correct and safe operation of the application.

By deciding on cooperation with us in the scope of designing and implementing dedicated system of document circulation, you get:

  • flexible system designed directly for your needs,
  • solutions based on modern and proven technologies (among others: Alfresco, Activiti, Abby, jBPM, Sensenet),
  • software that will safely handle information in your company,
  • useful tool, which will be easy and intuitive in use.