Security of online applications

The risk of losing data on the Internet is considered more and more seriously. Given that significant part of organizations focuses their activity on the development of on-line channel, the safety of online applications becomes a key issue in XXI century. Do you provide yourself and your customers with appropriate level of security?

Security of online applications

Protection of data is important

The Internet becomes a place of conducting more and more daily activities. As a result, we leave here an increasing amount of information, which may be defined as “sensitive”, and its disclosure or loss entails serious consequences

As a result of the above phenomenon, the number of attacks design to extract the key data is increasing. These often include personal information or substantial knowledge of the company. It’s easy to recall spectacular attacks, which resulted in leaking of millions of records that represent a significant value for companies, as well as their customers. Therefore, currently an important factor, often even exclusionary, is the security of the application that you provide to your customers

The list of potential threats, which may apply to your software, is long. The Open Web Application Security Project cites 10 key threats:

  • “SQL Injection”,
  • incorrect implementation of the functions of authorization and user session management,
  • “Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)”,
  • direct reference to objects in the system,
  • incorrect (or outdated) security settings,
  • incorrect storage of sensitive data,
  • incomplete implementation of the security of individual functionalities,
  • “Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)”,
  • usage of unsafe tools or libraries,
  • unsecured application forwards.

It’s worth noting that security of the application is a continuous issue, occurring practically at any modification of software or environment, in which it is implemented.

We will secure your data

We have practical knowledge and experience concerning the security of web applications in terms of the most popular attacks. Thanks to that, we will effectively:

  • find potential source of danger based on the analysis,
  • propose solutions for improving level of security of your application,
  • implement tools that automate security tests for the future development of the system,
  • train your team in terms of implementing secure solutions for the future.