Integration of sales with IT environment

Currently, well prospering e-Commerce platforms function in external (e.g. payments, logistics) or internal (e.g. ERP, CRM, F-K, warehouse) IT environment of the company. It’s about time for you to caught up with the forefront in this aspect.

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The history of most online stores derives from diversification of traditional sales in regard to new distribution channels, rarely in the opposite way. Due to that fact, the most commonly occurring state is the developed software supporting sales (and also functioning of the company). The situation that rarely occurs in the companies created for online sales, in other cases is one of the most significant barriers in regard to company’s entry in multi-channel sales.

In an ideal situation, to which you should aim for, your online store is an integral part of you software and it performs only necessary operations, while downloading the rest or communicating to the outside.


Every other scenario from the one described above will result in occurrence of one of three situations:

  • in some area there’s a doubling of information occurring,
  • there’s a lack of key information in the whole process,
  • information is transferred inefficiently.

As a result, there are blockages occurring or worse – decrease in customers service quality. Therefore, it is very important to maximally use the environment’s potential and to most preferably fit your sales platform.

Integration of sales with IT environment

We will integrate your systems

By entrusting us with integration of your platform with the rest of IT environment, you decide to certain consequences. The most important that you will reach with us include:

Full synchronization of assortment

You will provide yourself with updating in real time. It applies to indexes, as well as stock levels, price lists, etc. It translates into time saving of your employees in the case of transferring of offer, and it also causes that your customers see everything “live”.


The thing that becomes a large problem of current sales platforms that generate big sales comprises of simple, unintentional human errors. Despite the best efforts of your employees and great commitment put into performed duties, mistakes will happen to them. Where it’s possible, you should eliminate the risk of mistakes by automating the processes with the use of well developed integration.


We pay particular attention to reliability and communication regarding errors. Thanks to that, the platform will automatically react to failure and you will be notified in the case of irregularities.

Communication of online with offline

The issue of communication particularly applies to individual offers and all kinds of promotions. Thanks to that you provide your customers with an alternative of choice between traditional sales and online sales in desktop / mobile version. Their commercial conditions in each of these places will be the same.

Increasing quickness and quality of service

Integration provides significant increase in efficiency of operation of your e-Commerce and m-Commerce system. This is particularly visible in the efficiency and quality of customer service. Thanks to introduction of integration with CRM, ERP system, the customer will be e.g. automatically informed about the current status of the order, shipment number and all this will be performed without the participation of your employees. This significantly reduces the operational costs and improves quality service, as well as communication with the customer.

Even better sales analysis

Each order submitted in the online store or any other service (e.g. auction service) integrated with ERP system will be immediately visible there. Most commercially available ERP systems allows you to create, in an easy way, the financial statements and analyses, which ensure the gaining of even more control over your company’s financial liquidity and allows you to plan and forecast subsequent operations.

Better control of your company

The integration removes the need to log into several independent systems. Thanks to that, the interesting information may be obtained in one system, which also significantly affects the way of ensuring better control of your company’s activity.