We provide solutions,
not just tools

Advanced projects are our everyday life. How do we do it?

Why XC - team

We have a great team

We like to surround ourselves with people full of passion. Our team consists of strong players who are ready to take on even the most difficult challenges.

Why XC - experience

We have experience

We have been on the market for several years. During this time we have served over 80 customers. Our largest project has over 20,000 hours of work behind it. These figures speak for themselves.

Why XC - development

We are constantly developing

We are constantly learning new things and improving constant skills. Thanks to this, we are able to serve both the most popular and the latest technologies at a high level.

Dlaczego XC - customers

Customers stick with us for longer

Our role is not limited to implementation. Customers stay with us for longer, so that we can develop their products together and enjoy the results.

Our services

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We carry out large projects

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