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Modern frontend means more than just CSS + HTML

Today, frontend layer is more of an application itself. Our services include creating user interfaces using the newest technologies (including Vue.js, AngularJS or React). You’ll gain an application that is fast, easy to maintain and scale.

  • Thanks to the separation of logic from the presentation layer, frontend applications allow better project maintenance. This also has a positive impact on production processes.
  • Browsers are capable of doing more and more. Data preparation and interface logic happens on client side, so that you need less server resources.
  • Modern frontend solutions enable users to work off-line and synchronize data when the connection is available. This works great especially for mobile users.
Frontend Development - why
  • Your web app will load only once, and then it just synchronizes small portions of data. That means more convenient and smooth usage.
  • Thanks to increasing popularity of the PWA technology, you won’t longer have to maintain native mobile applications. More information about PWA-based apps can be found at m-Commerce services.
  • JavaScript became one of the most popular web technologies. There will be no problem in finding another service provider in case of any troubles with the current one.

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Frontend Development - technologies

Modern technologies

We support cutting-edge frontend technologies and always try to be up to date. For you it’s a guarantee that your web app is based on the most effective stack. We deliver advanced web projects on a daily basis.

Frontend Development - backend

We know how to connect all the dots

We also offer backend development (mostly based on Symfony, but not only). You can outsource a whole project to one agency.

Frontend Development - pwa

We actively promote PWA

It makes more and more sense to write frontend web apps so that they serve customers on computers and mobile devices. PWA is a solutions that enable cross-device support. You will definitely benefit from maintaing only one source code.

We know, that it has to “look good”!

Last but not least – we put an extra effort in app look. Our products:

Frontend development
  • are compatible to your brand book,
  • are up to date with current design trends,
  • display properly in all modern browsers,
  • are responsive.

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