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It all starts with a good plan

E-Commerce is not only an “online store”. Effective sales consist of a lot of factors. You need the right tools and a partner with knowledge and experience.

E-Commerce strategy

Every large implementation starts with a good plan. Use our experience to better understand your business and implement a system that will satisfy your customers. We will develop your sales strategies based on:

  • the type and purpose of the assortment you sell
  • your target group, its habits and expectations when it comes to online shopping,
  • your companies’ marketing opportunities,
  • your competitors and your competitive advantages,
  • business processes and systems that already work in your company today.

Thanks to this you will have a real chance to compete in the difficult market of electronic sales from the very beginning.

Good strategy = Successful implementation

Sales strategy - czas

Saved time

If you don’t take the time to create a decent strategy right from the start, you will have to devote it to correct mistakes in the future. In short, the side effect of a good strategy is faster – and better! – implementation.

Sales strategy - money

Saved money

Time is money – every entrepreneur knows it. Without a good strategy, your company will move in the dark, and you will waste time and money on extinguishing fires instead of going step by step towards your goal.

Sales strategy - effects

Easy measurement of effects

By knowing what we want to achieve at a given stage of implementation, we can easily measure the effectiveness of works. We are able to analyze the progress of the project objectively, and you know the progress of work and you can control it on an ongoing basis.

Sales strategy - ideas

More good ideas

When developing your strategy you will consult it with people who are up to date in the world of e-Commerce. Together we will develop solutions that will speed up the implementation process and reduce its costs.

Sales strategy - growth

Faster growth in the future

A decent strategy will not only facilitate the implementation of e-Commerce but will also be useful at the stage of maintenance and development. It is like a map that will show you where your business is going and how to get there.

Get started with X-Coding

When you enter into cooperation with us, you gain more than just a supplier:

Why XC
  • we realize only large implementations in the e-Commerce segment, gaining experience at the same time;
  • Our customers grow with us on average 30% y/y;
  • Our customers’ shops bring over 250 000 000€ of income;
  • we develop our customers’ shops a few years after the implementation.

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