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B2C e-Commerce implementation

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E-Commerce is more than just an “online shop”. First of all, it is an investment and project for which you need a trusted and reliable agency. Benefit from our over 8 years old experience in providing solutions for advanced e-business.

Do you need concrete support, help in choosing technologies and adapting them to the needs of your users? Tell us about your business and see how we turn it into success on the Internet.

How do we help B2C companies meet their customers needs?

Website design

Attractive appearance

We implement stores that please the eye of your customers. This is the first (and in some industries, e.g. fashion, one of the most important) step to achieve high sales. Regardless of whether we are responsible for the graphic design or you provide us with your design, we will make sure that everything looks perfect. See also our ux / design services.


Website that is easy to use

A good shop is not only attractive but also useful. If you don’t yet know what UX is, it’s important that you read a story of a customer looking for a product on store shelves. In short, we will make it easy for your visitors to find what they need, and then smoothly go straight to the checkout with their shopping cart. We like to watch the conversion increase.

Marketing e-Commerce

Advanced marketing

Who doesn’t like discount coupons? Apart from the obvious advantages from the consumers’ point of view, they also have many advantages for the company – they help to attract new customers, build relations with the current ones and complete purchases faster. And this is just the beginning of marketing solutions, which we will help you to prepare for your customers.

Mobile commerce


Some of our stores already record more than 50% share of traffic from mobile devices. It’s a sign that it’s time for a completely different sales approach. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a dedicated application, hybrid application or you stay with RWD – you can count on us when it comes to design and implementation. You do not know what decision to make? We have described it in more detail in m-Commerce services

Omnichannel B2C

Omnichannel support

Customers expect consistent purchasing experiences. Implementing omnichannel is no longer just a way to gain a competitive advantage, but actually a requirement for a modern company in the B2C segment. We help our clients to develop and effectively implement omnichannel strategies.Learn more

Individual solutions

Individual solutions

It’s hard to be better than others when you are just like everyone else. Therefore, when implementing your store, we will pay attention to solutions that will help you achieve a clear competitive advantage. We realize only advanced projects, so advanced customer requirements are our daily work.

Your B2B e-Commerce with X-Coding

E-Commerce B2B

B2B is based on different rules than B2C when it comes to electronic sales. But one thing remains the same – your customers probably expect from you a modern solution that will allow them to place an order comfortably at any time and place. What else? Consistent terms and conditions, insight into transaction history, additional functionalities. And a company that can implement it well.

How will we adjust your B2B sales to an online channel?

Ordering features

Advanced ordering features

B2B customers usually buy more at once. That’s why our solutions enable them to quickly place large orders (e.g. with collectors), multiple deliveries and shopping baskets.

Quick documents access

Quick access to documents

The B2B platform should first of all store the entire history of cooperation with your customers. Therefore, the system should provide access to key trading documents and full order history.

Consistent experience

Consistent experience

Customers must have the same terms and conditions and price lists as they would if they purchased offline. This is the only chance to convince them to change the place of purchase and relieve the burden on your traders.



We automate most of the business processes related to sales. From the synchronization of files and inventory, through customer data to orders – your data will appear where you need it. Here you will find more information.

Dedicated solutions

Dedicated solutions

Does your company need customized solutions? We implement stores on Magento so that any modification in terms of technology when it comes to your needs is not a problem.

Why should you implement with X-Coding?

See the reasons why it is worth choosing us as your new implementation partner:

Why XC - e-commerce

We are an e-Commerce agency

Our main activity is based on e-Commerce. That is why we build our teams and processes in such a way that we provide the best solutions to the needs of the electronic sales market.

Why XC - experience


We work only on large projects. Therefore, regardless of the size of the implementation, we will be able to meet your expectations and provide you with value without any surprises.

Why XC - knowledge

We know markets

We carry out international projects, which requires us to have an excellent knowledge of markets and consumer needs. Not only do we learn for ourselves, but we are also happy to share our knowledge.

Why XC - money

We respect money

Agile approach to projects allows us to put your money to the best use. We don’t try to reinvent the wheel and we are always searching for solutions that will benefit you.

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