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Do you have an idea for a mobile application but you lack a solid and committed team?

We offer our services in body leasing, team leasing and project outsourcing models. We support an entire application design process – from strategy development to post-implementation development.

This is what we know best:

Mobile - m-Commerce

m-Commerce application

If you sell on the Internet and desktop is not enough, we implement m-Commerce applications, the most important feature of which is that they sell.

Mobile - WMS

Mobile WMS

Mobile solutions for warehouses will allow you to better control logistics and processes in your company. This translates into fewer complaints, i.e. end customer satisfaction.

Mobile - dedicated applications


If you have a completely different idea, we will help you turn it into a working user interface. Just send us your brief and check our capabilities.

How do we implement applications?

Each project is unique and thanks to a good process everyone can succeed.

step 1

Development of the scope of the project

During the workshop (so-called scoping sessions) we will work together on the scope of work. This is the best moment to:

  • identify and describe key functions,
  • develop a work schedule
  • determine the scope of the MVP.

Thanks to the workshops, we will reduce the risk of problems during the work and provide real value for end customers.

step 2

UX and graphic design

Our graphic department is ready to develop visual elements of the application so that it contains all necessary elements, is as easy to use as possible and, above all, attractive for users.

Have your own graphic designers? You can deliver the project on your own, entrusting us with the implementation.

step 3


This is, of course, the longest and most fruitful stage of the project. Why are our implementations effective?

  • we are an agile agency – you have an ongoing control over the scope of the project,
  • we settle in the T&M model, so you pay only for the work actually completed,
  • by the fact that we always set an MVP, your project will have a short time-to-market.
step 4

Stabilization and implementation

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, before implementation, the application is always sent to the QA department, where it will be tested on various devices, resolutions and in terms of all functionalities.

Thanks to this, the premiere of the application is a real success – it is not worth repairing on a “living organism”.

step 5


Already have the application ready? Well, this is just the beginning. You are facing new challenges. We will help you deal with them by:

  • monitoring potential errors,
  • offering support in the event of their occurrence,
  • advising on the formulation of strategies for further development.

Are you looking for mobile professionals?

Discover four reasons why you should decide on working with X-Coding:

Why XC - people


We know that a good atmosphere at work results in great projects. At X-Coding we are not only passionate about every task, but also like to work with each other and with our customers.

Why XC - technologies


A well-chosen technology stack is the basis for a successful implementation. We make sure that our knowledge is always up-to-date and meets the needs of the market.

Why XC - MVP


Minimum Viable Product is the right way to go if you want a quick return on investment. We always offer our customers this solution.

Why XC - agile


Agile methodologies work well with our vision of work. Most modern IT companies have been working in Agile for a long time. Curious? We’d love to tell you more about it.

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