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For years we have been implementing solutions that sell. You know why?

Why XC - experience

Required experience

We are growing together with the market. We operate in e-Commerce so long that we even remember osCommerce. This is enough time to implement systems that we believe in ourselves and would like to use with a clear conscience.

Why XC - profits

Generating profits

We know that in the end what matters in business are the profits. That’s why we make sure that our customers’ shops generate them – and we do it well. Our best shop earns 3.5 million PLN a month.

Why XC - mvp

Optimizing expenses

We always offer MVP, i.e. a product with basic functionalities that are sufficient to start earning money. This allows you to optimize costs and get a quicker return on investment.

Why XC - passion

E-Commerce is our passion

E-Commerce is not only an online store for us but above all a passion. We don’t want to sell the tool itself and be a “supplier”. Together with our customers, we develop solutions that effectively compete in the markets. We care about the outcomes that we will all be proud of.

E-Commerce is more than just an “online shop”

Our services are tailored to advance an ambitious electronic sales. See what we can do for you:

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