Does your project need
experienced Symfony developers?

Why did we choose Symfony?

There are a lot of web frameworks out there. If you chose Symfony and now are looking for experienced developers, you are at the very right place. We chose Symfony mostly because:

For years it has been used and developed by professionals

We select technologies that have proved their worth in large projects. Symfony, being one of the most popular PHP frameworks, has gathered a group of professionals around it, which is a great protection for the next years of project development.

It’s safe

The popularity and use of Symfony in such a large number of projects meant that the market had a chance to verify the security of this PHP framework. It is important that you don’t risk your data.

Symfony development

It’s efficient

Symfony is used in projects with high requirements in terms of application performance. Considering the scale of our projects, this is a very important parameter for us.

It became a standard

At X-Coding we believe in open source solutions and the freedom of choice of supplier. By choosing Symfony, you are investing in the solution, not the technology itself.

What cand we do for you?

Symfony - new app

New we app

We support the entire application design process – from scoping session, through graphic design, implementation of the user interface and application logic, to monitoring, maintenance and development. We will provide you with a team that:

  • organizes itfels,
  • likes what it’s doing,
  • deliver actual value, not only lines of code,
  • feels responsible for business success, not for tasks.
Symfony - development

Existing software development

Already have a system and dozens of new ideas? Or maybe the current supplier is not doing his job as he should?

We’ve got your back! Changing software agency happens allt the time. We will help you through the process without doing harm to your business.

What if after some time you decide to change your team again? Well, if something goes wrong, we will leave you with the documentation and the contract will oblige us to help the next supplier.

Symfony - migrations

Migrating legacy code

If you have decided that it is time to refresh the framework of your system, Symfony is a very good choice. We will help you to go through the change of the software, as well as the organizational change that follows. We will plan the work so that you can switch departments one by one without losing your data.

Symfony developers based in X-Coding

Symfony developers - exprience

We are experienced

We select Symfony for most of the web projects we run. We have experience in advanced implementations of dedicated systems for companies.

Symfony developers - cost

Elastic form of cooperation

You can choose, whether you want to outsource your project or sign a body-leasing contract with us.

Symfony developers - complexity

Complex support

We deliver projects from A to Z. Besides backend development, we can also work in frontend technologies (and even design your app).

Symfony developers - efficiency

We deliver scalable solutions

We make sure that our solutions are fast and optimized for high traffic. We support services with >5000 simultaneous sessions.

Symfony developers - agile

We are agile

We are agile agency and we charge our work per hours. That means we can start “tomorrow” and you will have full control over the project budget.

Symfony developers - security

Secure solutions

We care about security of your data. We make sure that no one has access to unauthorized areas.

How can we help you?

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