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Business optimization

Integration is one of the key stages of implementing advanced e-Commerce. See what profits are associated with connecting your systems into one:

Integration - automation


Despite the sincere desire of your employees, errors will occur. This will result in end-customers’ dissatisfaction. How can this be prevented?

  • Integration automates data transfer between systems;
  • thanks to monitoring, the software captures incorrect information;
  • employees can focus on doing their jobs.
Integration - optimization

Process optimization

Faster flow of information between different IT systems results in improved sales processes:

  • product data is always up to date and always on time,
  • you show your customers the true inventory levels,
  • you are able to process your orders faster,

and this already measurably converts into customers’ satisfaction (and your sales!).

Integration - control

Greater control over your business

Integration removes the need to log in to several independent systems. Thanks to that you have the information you need at your fingertips, which significantly increases your control over the company.

What does a well-written integration look like?

Over the years we have developed mechanisms thanks to which our integrations are reliable:


The exchange of data should take place using queues. Thanks to this, each task is a separate thread. You gain:

  • a possibility of renewal,
  • multithreaded execution of activities,
  • access to information, what, when and how was transmitted between systems.

Repeated updates and manual updates

Most often ERP data updates once a day (some less important data updates less frequently). We know that in business time is money and sometimes you need to update faster. That’s why we will provide you with the possibility to manually download the data before the planned update.

Integration advantages

Reporting of product statuses

Clear information about each order and notification of possible problems is not enough! With a fixed frequency (e.g. once a day) you will also receive a report summarizing the flow of information between the systems. We configure it to highlight critical information so that none of them will escape your attention.

Monitoring for critical processes

  • integration controls the course of processes;
  • this way you will never have, e.g. incorrect inventory information in the shop.

Advanced integration? Only with X-Coding

See why other companies use our services:

Integration - data

Complex data exchange

At the stage of designing the strategy we will select objects that will be synchronized between e-Commerce and your IT systems:

  • customer information,
  • product data,
  • orders,
  • inventory levels,
  • customer terms and conditions.

Depending on the data, we will also choose the way and frequency of data exchange so that it best suits your needs.

Integration - experience

Experienced integrator

Our experience speaks in favour of choosing X-Coding. Practically every e-Commerce project in which we took part was associated with advanced integration.

  • Integration - Comarch ERP
  • Integration - SAP
  • Integration - Subiekt GT
  • Integration - Wapro

We have experience in integrating the most popular systems used by many entrepreneurs, including SAP, Comarch ERP, WF-Mag and Subiekt GT. Our skills were appreciated by Comarch, a company that we are a proud partner of.

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