We implement omnichannel in projects
for mature organizations

Omnichannel is a strategy that puts the customer at the heart of sales. This means, above all, providing the same shopping experience across all off-line and online channels.

Does your company need this approach? If you sell in multiple channels at the same time, you certainly do. Successful implementation will bring together – and unify – the processes, solutions, sales model and business conditions at your company

Just look at the statistics:

Omnichannel - customers

The companies that relied on the omnichannel achieved as much as 91% better results in terms of customer retention compared to the rest of the market.

Omnichannel - expectations

87% of consumers believe that brands should put more effort into providing consumers with a consistent experience across all channels

Omnichannel - consistency

90% customers expect consistent interaction between channels

How do we implement the omnichannel?

The effective implementation of the omnichannel strategy is determined by the details. We take into account all the elements on which your business is based:

Omnichannel - clear offer

Transparent offer

  • we integrate warehouses with the online store to show availability in individual store;
  • your store is adapted to mobile devices;
  • we focus on the product description to make it easier for customers to make their purchasing decisions.
Omnichannel - checkout

Trouble-free ordering

  • we make it possible to pick it up in a stationary store (so-called click&collect);
  • we give the customer the freedom of delivery;
  • we make return of the product easier for you;
  • we will help you to develop the order picking process.
Omnichannel - centralization

All in one place

  • your customer has the same conditions on all channels;
  • loyalty and discount program works the same way off-line and on-line;
  • customers can see the history of all their purchases in an online shop;
  • your marketing communication depends on the customer and not the channel.
Omnichannel - profit

Profit for your organisation

  • our solutions will make it easier for you to manage your offer and prices;
  • increase the loyalty of your customers;
  • it will be easier for you to control your business because all the data will flow to one place.

Omnichannel with X-Coding?

You do not know if you are ready to entrust us with the development and implementation of the omnichannel strategy?

Omnichannel with XC
  • We have experience in designing and implementing advanced B2C / B2B e-Commerce solutions.
  • In addition to implementation, we will help you with the development of concepts, change in business processes at the company and in the warehouse, and then with their implementation.
  • We carry out large integrations between systems – your data will always be up to date and always on time.
  • If necessary, we will implement systems locally (e.g. POS applications) and train your employees.

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