We have ways to increase
the revenue of your store.

Sales optimization

Implementation of e-Commerce is only the first step. Then, however, optimization begins, which is a continuous process consisting of:

  • monitoring what is happening in competitors’ stores,
  • analysing key indicators of the store (e.g. traffic, cart abandonment, conversion, etc.),
  • collecting feedback from users, using NPS, questionnaires and reviews about the store.

At X-Coding we believe in long-term relationships, so we won’t leave you when you open your store. We will tell you which data to collect, how to interpret it and what the next steps should be.

How can we help after the implementation of your store?

See our services tailored to the mature but still growing e-Business.

Optimizing sales - analysis

In-depth market analysis

We believe in delivering value to the end customer. That’s why:

  • we will learn about your industry and what your competitors are doing,
  • we will get to know the expectations of your customers,
  • we will develop an effective development plan,
  • we will provide you with indicators to measure the effectiveness of growth.

This will give you a better overview of what’s going on in the market and translate it into increased sales.

Optimizing sales - feedback

Sales monitoring

We collect all the data concerning your shop. Based on it:

  • we look for bottlenecks of sales,
  • we recommend changes at the store,
  • we provide simple answers to complex questions.

Our years of experience in advanced electronic sales will help you avoid mistakes and make the right decisions.

Optimizing sales -  - growth marketing

Growth marketing activities

We are an agile agency. It’s the perfect approach to help you grow your marketing. You can count on us with:

  • development of experiments,
  • implementation of necessary changes at the store,
  • scaling changes that have a good outcome.

We work with our customers many years after the implementation of their stores. The effect? We have a real impact on the sales results and growth of the companies we work with.

Optimizing sales -  - marketing automation

We implement marketing automation

We are SALESmanagos’ partner and we believe that everything needs to be automated. What does this mean for you?

  • business growth with lower service costs,
  • adapting marketing to what customers do,
  • the real impact on saving abandoned baskets and increasing conversions.

Working with XC?

Our customers “live” with us for many years. Why?

Why XC - agile

We are agile

Thanks to the agile approach we can flexibly approach the development of your e-commerce. Short sprints and a focus on results are two things you need for stable development.

why XC - engagement

We are engaged in projects

We believe in the projects we carry out. That’s why we devote a lot of time to understanding why your customers could buy even more frequently and more.

Why XC - taking over projects

We take over other projects

If something went wrong with another agency – you can count on us to take over duties and project after your previous contractor. The whole process will take place without your stress.

Why XC - knowledge

We have the necessary knowledge

Technological knowledge is not enough to compete in the electronic sales market. That is why we offer more – reliable knowledge supported by many years of experience with large implementations.

How can we help you?

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