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Magento implementations are over 75% of our projects. It’s the technology we’ve been using since the very beginning of our company. Through all those years we’ve established processes and teams, that face and manage advanced business needs on a daily basis.

Whether you need a single developer (body leasing), a whole team (team leasing) or to outsource your entire project, we are the only partner you will ever gonna need.

We’ve succesfully delivered Magento based solutions to all most important segments:

Magento - B2B

Magento B2B

We are experienced and understand the nature of B2B sales. You can count on us, when it comes to solutions that reflect the way you work with your business partners.

Magento - B2C

Magento B2C

We will deliver you a product, that will meet your target group expectations. Magento used in B2C segment guarantees stability and development for years.

Magento - Omnichannel

Omnichannel implementation

We know the importance of omnichannel strategy in modern sales. That’s why we focus on delivering technology, that works for a perfect customer experience across every possible channel.

Starting a new project?

We can help you fill the gaps or deliver you a complete solution. See, what you can achieve with X-Coding:

Strategy and outstanding design

Every complex implementation needs a proper strategy. We will help you prepare a sound plan so that you don’t spend your money twice. We will also come up with ideas that will be useful in your project.

A good e-Commerce project not only works well, but also looks good. We’ll make sure that your website is beautiful and functional for end users.

Tailor made functions

The real work starts where Magento default functions end. We are experienced in creating dedicated solutions, so that you actually stand out amongst your competitors.

We know there’s no point of doing things twice. That’s why before the beginning we look for existing modules to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Delivering new projects

Frontend Development

Need a team that will transform beatiful visuals into a working website? Use our developers, they know how to handle all modern browsers, RWD and PWA in case you need it too.


We will integrate your IT environment with electronic sales. Three most important benefits of our solutions are:

  • stability,
  • advanced status reporting,
  • asynchronic queues with a possibility of restarting particular jobs

and many more, which make our customers 100% sure about the process.

Need to improve exiting Magento store?

If you plan to change something in your Magento-based store, you can benefit from our experience:

Code audit

Long lasting projects can end up with a technical debt. We conduct code reviews on a daily basis and will be happy to audit your product.

Performance optimization

Magento is known for its inefficiency. Truth is, there are not so many companies, that can implement Magento properly. We’ll speed up your e-Commerce to the standard required by your customers.

Migrating to Magento 2

The new version of Magento is a revolution in a world of e-Commerce. Sooner or later you’re going to migrate from Magento 1. And when the time is right, we’ll help you switch platform without problems.

New template for your store

Do you feel like your website should be refreshed? We will upgrade your store’s look using the newest mobile-first technologies. We promise your customers gonna love it!

Changing your agency

We never say bad things about our comeptitors. Sometimes the change is just right. We will help you through this process so that you don’t lose data or the pace of development. We have already done it many times.

Reasons for choosing X-Coding IT Studio

Our approach help our customers stand out amongst other companies. We are pretty sure you need more of a partner than another “code factory”.

Magento - experience

We are experienced

  • We focus on succesfull sale, not the tools themselves. That’s why our customers grow about 30% y.y. with us;
  • Magento-based (both 1.x and 2.x) e-Commerce solutions are over 75% of our projects. We know, how to deliver great projects;
  • We will help you throug the process, give you necessary tools, know-how and develop dedicated modules for your specific needs.
Magento - advanced implementations

We work in advanced implementations

Most of our projects are game changers for our customers. Thanks to such trust given, today we aren’t afraid of large and advanced Magento implementations, integrations and scaling your sales up.

“Complex” in X-Coding is not just a buzzword, but our reality.

Magento - knowledge

We take part in courses and conferences

Despite the knowledge that we already have, we do not allow ourselves to settle. We regularly take part in trainings and workshops. As a result, we are always up to date with all the latest news and are able to use this knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

In addition to educating ourselves, we take an active part in expanding knowledge in the market, publishing know-how and sharing our experience.

Magento - partners

We are trusted partners for our customers

Last but not least – we maintain great relations with our customers. More a partner, less a contractor, is a strategy bringing a number of benefits:

  • we take responsibility for the project renevue, not only for the code delivered;
  • we look for cost-optimal solutions;
  • we get to know your company so we can “talk” about your business with your customers.

How can we help you?

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