100 & one questions about your e-Commerce

Rid yourself of doubts

When planning or implementing a new e-business, you may wonder if you have forgotten something important. The e-book “100 & one questions about your new e-commerce” was created for people who are full of such thoughts.

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100 & one questions about your e-Commerce

We’ve prepared for you

100 (and one bonus) questions that you should answer in order to make sure that you haven’t forgotten about anything in the online store.

Why only this many? It is impossible to ask about everything without knowing exactly what your business is. Treat it as a minimum that will help you:

101 questions - cost

estimate the costs and time needed to implement a new online store,

101 questions - sales profile

define your sales profile and your competitive advantages,

101 questions - nature of business

understand the nature of your business in the context of online sales.

Edition experts

We have invited experts for publication so that you can draw as much as possible from the experience of market leaders:

Author - Marek Kich

Marek Kich

CEO, xcitstudio.com

Author - Katarzyna Rytlewska

Katarzyna Rytlewska

Marketing specialist, oponeo.pl

Author - Adrian Hrehorowicz

Adrian Hrehorowicz

Director of Development and Technology, tim.pl

Author - Wojciech Latoszek

Wojciech Latoszek

CEO, 4gift.pl

Author - Wojciech Zakrzewski

Wojciech Zakrzewski

CEO, kartkuje.pl

Author - Bartosz Sikora

Bartosz Sikora

CEO, dla-przemyslu.pl

Contents of e-book

In the book we paid special attention to:

101 questions - strategy


correct targeting of the strategy is necessary to design functionalities that correspond to market needs

101 questions - products


appropriate presentation of the offer, synchronization of data and functionalities related to the assortment is the key to increase sales

101 questions - customers


is the second key success factor after the products. We will help you to build loyalty and serve their needs.

101 questions - order


the checkout process is a place exposed to particular danger. You will learn how to design sales to make it easier for your customers.

101 questions - content


sharing knowledge will ensure that potential customers see you as a professional and a business partner first and foremost

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