Akeneo is a modern
PIM to suit our times.

A modernly managed company and e-Commerce require right tools. If you work in multi-channel sales and product management keeps you awake at night, Akeneo is the ideal solution for your business.

Akeneo is a modern class PIM (Product Information Management) system, thanks to which you will increase engagement of your customers, increase the conversion, and at the same time improve business processes in your company.

See what you gain with Akeneo:

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Faster assortment introduction

You will gain an advantage if you are faster than the competition.

TTM (time-to-market) is an extremely important indicator in most e-businesses. If you want to win, you have to react quickly to customer needs, constantly update your product offer and introduce a new assortment for sale.

Akeneo has been designed to automate the most time-consuming processes. This saves you time and resources.

Product management in Akeneo

Optimal product management

With hundreds of thousands of indexes, you need a good solution.

No online store allows for such extensive management of product information. With a large number of various product indices, it is difficult to maintain qualitative product information using only the shop.

Mass editions, imports, category, group and family systems are some of the numerous functionalities that make working on one’s own assortment more efficient, more convenient and result in higher quality of the final data.

Improved conversion in Akeneo

Increase in sales conversion

It’s no secret that customers buy first of all through their eyes.

Having content in an online store is not everything. You should pay attention to the quality of your product information.

Complete and standardized within different channels, product information translates into:

  • increase in conversions from sales by up to four times,
  • up to 40% less returns after purchase.

Developing quality product information using Akeneo is incomparably easier than doing it on the store side.

Multichannel in Akeneo


If you sell in multiple channels, you know how difficult it is to keep order.

One product standard for different sales channels. Easily manipulate products across multiple channels. Quickly adapt the range of information for a given channel. Transparent monitoring of product changes and status. These are the features of Akeneo that will allow your business to scale easily in different ways of selling.

Conquering the world with Akeneo

Conquer foreign markets

With Akeneo, you’ll have everything in one place and at your fingertips.

If you are an international dealer or want to become one, it will be easier with the help of Akeneo. Akeneo allows you to maintain product information in different languages, and channel management support allows you to efficiently prepare translations and make your products available to foreign markets.

Akeneo – in fact, for whom?

You should consider implementing a PIM from Akeneo if you….

You sell a lot of products

Despite the fact that the concept of “many products” is relative, it is considered that a number of SKUs above 5,000 is a signal that the implementation of the PIM should be considered.

Your products have variants

If your assortment is sold in many variants and you want to avoid creating a new product for each variant, consider Akeneo as a system that will maintain all the options of your products.

Your products have extensive descriptions

If your products have complex descriptions, many attributes and media, you need an optimal tool to manage them. Akeneo is such a tool.

Reasons for implementing Akeneo

You have a large team

If many people work with your products, you should provide them with a comfortable environment for cooperation. Akeneo will help you to organize the cooperation of your employees with your products.

You sell in multichannels

If you are selling or planning to sell through different channels, you should take care of a repository for your products, where you will ensure their uniformity.

You sell in many countries

If you have or plan to sell in many countries, you should take care of a convenient system for translating data about your products. Translation support is a basic functionality of Akeneo.

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