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Always Up-To-Date Guide of Social Media Graphic Sizes

An effective social media strategy needs a beautiful design. Thanks to the e-book you will ensure that your graphics are always perfectly cropped and effectively advertise your offer.

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Social media ad sizes

Always Up-To-Date Guide of Social Media Graphic Sizes

We update the recommended sizes of graphics regularly. Thanks to this, you will always have the most up-to-date specifications when downloading the e-book. Inside you will find sizes for:

Social media ad sizes - Facebook


We present required sizes for the most important elements: fanpage, groups, events, ads. Inside the e-book you will find the location and sizes for example:

  • Profile and Cover Photo,
  • Cover Photo of Facebook events,
  • Standard Ad,
  • Carousel Ad,

… and more, that will be useful in your daily work.

Social media ad sizes - Linkedin


More and more companies start using LinkedIn to promote their services. We have prepared guidelines for, among others:

  • Cover and Profile Photo,
  • Shared Photo,
  • Ads.
Social media ad sizes - Twitter


Twitter is a niche reserved for a specific target group. If you’re promoting yourself in this channel, you’ll need to know sizes of:

  • Avatar/Profile Photo,
  • Cover Photo,
  • Graphics in a tweet.
Social media ad sizes - Instagram


To ensure that your selfies will never be cropped, see what sizes are used for:

  • InstaStories,
  • Vertical and Horizontal Photos,
  • Videos.
Social media ad sizes - blog

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